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Gas burning appliances are user-friendly heating alternatives with unrivaled features, high-efficiency and a low environmental impact. Whether you choose natural gas or propane to fuel your heating appliance, the primary goal is to improve the ambiance and warmth of a room by adding a fireplace.

There is only one thing better than a roaring fire on a chilly night: a roaring fire that needs no tending, requires minimal cleanup. That is what you get with today's gas fireplaces. Modern versions burn much more realistically, with glowing red embers and tall orange-yellow flames that dance and flicker around ceramic-fiber logs molded from the real thing. 

The relaxing yellow flames will complement a large variety of styles. Keep it contemporary with crushed glass or add the earthy driftwood and stones, to enhance your rooms ambience.

Gas Freestanding Stoves

Click on a PDF to view the full catalogue.

Click on a PDF to view the full catalogue.

Gas Inserts

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